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Clay has its own small voice [that] sings in its own way,
[where] the wind sometimes . . . lifts it out and carries it
down the canyon and across the hills.

Byrd Baylor, When Clay Sings

I believe that clay touches all five senses – both in the artist who takes the clay and creates an object of substance and beauty, and in the one who receives the creation.

Of all the senses, touch has the strongest impact. When I touch another person, I offer joy, comfort, sympathy and, above all, love. This is what motivates my art. As I touch the clay and work it with my hands, I listen to its song and imbue it with my own. When a client purchases one of my pieces we connect through the sense of touch.

Today, my voice has several dimensions - through the music I teach to children, the words I write and the pottery I create as my art continues to evolve. Now all three dimensions work in harmony. They inspire the pieces I create each time I take a lump of clay and, molding it with my fingers, allow it to sing my song.

I'm very excited that my husband, Skip, is now creating new pieces for Clay Song Pottery. While I earned a college dregree in Ceramic Arts and have been working in clay beyond that, one day he asked me to teach him how to make hand built lidded boxes. Not one to pass up a teachable moment, especially with Skip, I did just that. Two years later, he's creating wonderful pieces in his own style -- functional pieces motivated by his love of food and cooking. He's a natural! 

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